Feasibility Study Services

Feasibility Study Advisory

Businesses, investors, and other stakeholders conduct feasibility studies and analyses to test a business idea/product/service idea/project. These studies usually occur prior to the creation of a business plan. If a feasibility study is conducted thoroughly, it will provide accurate information on whether to proceed with a new business/product/project. It can save both time and money if the feasibility study is comprehensive.

There are numerous benefits to conducting a feasibility study. First of all, it allows businesses to make faster, more informed decisions about new projects, products, and services, saving both time and money. However, it offers many other benefits as well. In addition to identifying suitable solutions and streamlining future growth strategies, a feasibility analysis can help analyze numerous alternatives. Furthermore, it enables a team to focus on business goals and make practical assumptions. Investor presentations may also benefit from feasibility studies. It is generally useful to do a feasibility study before taking on a new business assignment.

Feasibility Study Services

Feasibility Study Service

Ansari Corporate consults domestic and foreign companies looking to enter India or expand (or both) by providing Market and Financial Feasibility Studies. In addition to providing clients with customized Feasibility Study solutions, our team of feasibility study consultants prepares the reports. Businesses, start-ups, investors, etc. wishing to explore the feasibility of new projects, products, or business verticals can take advantage of our market research services.

  • Preliminary Analysis
  • Markey Study/ Market Survey
  • Operational & Legal Feasibility
  • Economic Feasibility
  • Financial Modelling
  • Presentation & Reports

What are the benefits of the Feasibility Study for Business?

There are many benefits to conducting a feasibility study or feasibility analysis. Firstly, it enables the business to make go/ no-go decisions on new projects/products/services, thereby saving a lot of time and money. Besides, there are numerous other key benefits. Feasibility analysis can help in analyzing numerous alternatives, finding suitable ones, and streamlining the future growth strategy. It also helps the team to make practical assumptions, and focus better on business goals.

An investor presentation can also benefit from a feasibility study. Considering the feasibility of a new business venture is a useful exercise that should be done before it starts.

How Ansari Corporate offers

Feasibility Analysis Service in India?

Market research and consulting firm Ansari Corporate is based in India. As part of our comprehensive feasibility studies, we work with investors/ business owners/ start-up enthusiasts/ c-suite executives.

The feasibility analysis prepared by our firm is intended to help business owners understand the viability of their business idea and make suitable decisions accordingly. Furthermore, the study will offer a great deal of insight into clarifying the strategy for growth, identifying potential obstacles, and formulating a risk mitigation plan.

Potential investors can also be provided with a feasibility study along with a business plan. Documenting a feasibility study increases the likelihood of raising money. Before taking an investment call in India, most PE investors, HNIs, start-up accelerators, and other institutional investors look at a feasibility analysis first.

Ansari Corporate consults domestic and foreign companies looking to enter India or expand (or both) by providing Market and Financial Feasibility Studies. An experienced team of feasibility study consultants prepares our Feasibility Studies according to the specific needs and requirements of clients. Our Market Research Services We provide feasibility studies to existing companies, greenfield ventures, start-ups, investors, etc. for them to make informed business decisions about new products/business verticals/projects, etc.

  • An initial analysis
  • Market survey
  • Operational and legal feasibility
  • Feasibility Economic
  • Modeling financial data
  • Reports & Presentations
  • Focused: India is one of our top priorities, as it is one of the world's fastest-growing emerging economies.
  • Custom Solutions: We provide research solutions tailored to each client's needs, budget, and strategic objectives.
  • Multi-Sector Expertise: We have knowledge of multiple industries, which enables us to comprehend the entire ecosystem as a whole
  • Actionable Insights: A business can make informed decisions by using our data and research services.

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