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With a colossal human resource base and a wide variety of potential customers, India is one of the fastest-growing countries globally. The country's workforce leads to an increase in entrepreneurship. With the advent of technology, many new business opportunities have arisen. Thus, starting a business in India is more rewarding than any other time.

The formation of companies in India has two options, namely incorporated or unincorporated.

  • Incorporated Entities: Private Limited Companies, Limited liability partnerships, Joint Ventures.
  • Unincorporated Entities: Liaison Office, Branch Office, Project Office.
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Establishing an Indian entity

For a company to incorporate an Indian entity in the form of a joint venture or Wholly-Owned Subsidiary, it must be registered under the Companies Act, 2013 or any other Act for the time being in force.

  • Setting up a joint venture with an Indian partner, which refers to two or more parties undertaking a commercial enterprise jointly to carry out a specific project, allows them to retain their distinct identities.
  • Creating a Wholly-Owned Subsidiary, a company whose shares are 100% owned by the parent company. It is permissible for foreign investment in such Indian companies up to 100% subject to the equity caps set out in the Foreign Direct Investment(FDI) policy pertaining to various areas of activity and based on the investor's decision.
  • In India, Limited Liability Partnerships (LLPs) combine the advantages of a company with the flexibility associated with a partnership. Foreign investors are finding LLPs to be a viable entity form for setting up their business operations in India since the FDI policy for LLPs was recently notified.

Establishing a Foreign Company

Establishing a Liaison Office / Project Office / Branch Office in India requires the prior approval of the RBI and the government. Additionally, any branch office, project office, or liaison office can only be opened by a body corporate incorporated outside of India.

  • While liaison offices are not permitted to earn income, they cannot conduct any commercial or trading activities, neither can they enter into agreements on behalf of the head office, nor may they take out loans or borrow money for any type of commercial activity, nor may they charge any fee or commission for any income earned from liaison activities.
  • There is some restriction on manufacturing activities since a branch office is not permitted to carry out manufacturing activities and must subcontract them out to an Indian manufacturer. In addition, RBI approval is required for branch offices to transfer profits outside India. Remittances are net of applicable Indian taxes and are subject to RBI guidelines.
  • In certain circumstances, the RBI has granted permission to foreign companies to establish project offices . However, the offices are limited to activities related to the project for which they were established.

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