Business Valuation Services

Business Valuation

Considering the challenging economic, regulatory, legal, and accounting climate we face today, robust and independent valuation services aligned with globally accepted practices are required.

Business Valuation Services

A business valuation involves the process of determining the value of your company. Using a business valuation, you can find out what the actual value of your company is. Defining the sale value and establishing partner ownership are fundamentals used to determine a company's value. Our valuation professionals take complete responsibility for the valuation work and provide our clients with the support they need to justify the valuation. This allows them to make informed business and investment decisions. Our services also include quantifying and communicating value for taxation, litigation, investment, and family settlements, based on specific client needs.

The Valuation team at Ansari Corporate includes highly skilled valuation professionals who have performed a variety of valuation engagements for multiple industries. As a result, we can provide our clients with the business valuation method they need without creating potential conflicts of interest by offering ancillary professional services. Other financial professionals have recommended our independence and lack of a conflict of interest. Due to our hands-on and thorough approach to valuation, we can deliver the best value for our clients. Ansari Corporate has earned its reputation as one of the industry's premier valuation firms by putting this level of dedication into the valuation process.

We provide valuation services to clients globally and clients in India with the help of valuation consultants who specialize in this area. Our opinion of the value of companies and assets is based on a vast amount of experience and sound judgment. Therefore, in addition to having the technical skills and training required to deal with any valuation-related situation that the client might encounter, the India-based business valuation service consultants are also equipped with the necessary knowledge and experience.

We provide business valuation services concerning:

We Provide an in-depth and unbiased examination of the target company's most critical issues. Taking advantage of our vast network, we can assist our clients in developing an accurate assessment of crucial performance issues in the industry. These four principles guide our approach to Business Valuation:

  • Structured deals, which include divestitures and restructuring to determine/negotiate the price
  • Strategic management and financing purposes
  • Financial reporting includes investment/goodwill impairment testing, the ESOP valuation, and purchase price allocation.
  • Dispute resolution through litigation, arbitration, and mediation
  • Debt instruments, hybrids, and convertibles
  • Intangibles such as brands, trademarks, and intellectual property
  • Investment fund portfolio valuations for venture capital funds, private equity funds, and alternative investment funds

Inquiries are used to gather information and calculate the company's value based on the information provided by the company. They provide a reasonable basis to value a company as a going concern through computations and analysis. Using this report to initiate a relationship or business transaction with the company will require the reader to exercise professional judgment.

With the organizational structure, extensive experience, and research tools of Ansari Corporate, it can provide excellently supported valuation services regardless of the type of valuation report requested or the size of the subject company. We offer a variety of valuation reports to suit the needs of our clients, ranging from an opinion letter to a comprehensive valuation report. Furthermore, we take pride in offering our clients a flexible fee structure and quick turnaround time for our valuation services.

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